Tips for Smoother Office Moves

Nowadays the number of people who choose to work from the comfort of their home instead in an office, is constantly on the rise. However, for many people, working from home is the only option that they currently have to make their income. If this is your case, we are aware that it takes much more than just a laptop. Nevertheless, spending half of your day trapped inside your home on the computer can be pretty depressing, especially if the weather outside is bright and sunny. But if you have an outdoor space in your home, you can actually enjoy more your working hours breathing in fresh air while taking care of your business.

Although it might seem like it is an easy task to just grab your laptop and sit on the patio while working, it is not that simple. Being comfortable while still being equipped for work requires some planning ahead.

For that purpose, we have compiled some of the best tips to help you move your office smoother and faster. Make your day more refreshing and productive.

  • Check wi-fi strength and speed outside;
  • Plan where you will be plugging in and make sure you have sufficient capacity external power supply;
  • Test how comfortable and ergonomic is your outside furniture;
  • If you are planning to work longer than an hour, add a small table or a work surface that will fit in;
  • Make sure you have outdoor storage boxes so you can have all your documents and equipment around.

It is true that having an office outdoors is much more pleasant, but one of the biggest drawbacks is that it is not very technology friendly. Therefore, power plugs, wi-fi and other essentials that you normally have on disposal, all of a sudden will not be that easy to access. A weak wi-fi signal can significantly slow down your productivity and get on your nerves. For that reason, before moving your office outdoors, make sure to have a fast wi-fi connection.

Another thing to consider is your outdoor office furniture. Most of these chairs are not designed for workday length and you may not find them comfortable to sit in while working for hours. The best thing would be to take your office chair outside, or get a new one that is more suitable for outdoor conditions.

If you are limited with your space and do not have much room to keep your computer accessories and pile of documents that you need right next to you, outdoor storage boxes are the ideal solution. They will enable you to have everything stored safely and within reach. These boxes take up little space, serve a great purpose and look stylish. Be creative in your organizing and get the most of your space.