Tips On How To Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life

‘Positive people live longer’ is a very famous saying that happened to be true for a lot of people. But living the dynamic and frantic life of 21st century is all but positive, as stress bombs us from all sides: work, home, relationships, kids, friends. And all the prejudices and gaps that exist between people seem to only fuel negativity even more. Knowing that this is disturbing not just the flow of our lives but our health as well, how do we attract that healthy dose of positive energy to go through the day? A few simple advice may offer the answer:


Starting the day with a nice 5-10 minutes meditation could only calm you down and bring you piece to mind. You’ll get your thoughts and feelings in order and you’ll be able to examine your emotions and decide whether some of them need to be buried or not. So, sit in a relaxed, comfortable position and start controlling your breathing; breathe in and out slow and relaxed. You should feel your presence or consciousness which will calm your spirit and bring positive vibrations through your body.

It’s pointless to stress about the future

The truth is, you can’t control the future no matter what. What is meant to happen will happen, and all you can do is be prepared for it. So stop thinking whether you’re going to get that new job, or whether you’ll finally go out on a date with that cute guy you met the other night. Just give the best you have and stop wasting your time, since you can’t influence the outcome.

Visualizations are a powerful thing

Even though you can’t know what the future may bring you, what you can do is try to visualize positive outcomes. Maybe that’s what people mean when they say that ‘everybody makes their own destiny’. When you start visualizing good things, a positive life and positive outcome of everything you do, you eventually start thinking and acting in that direction. You remove all the negativity from the picture and you’re in piece, as everything starts being great.

Kindness, generosity and gratitude are practiced

True, some people are natural at it, but some need a little push. And who doesn’t like kind, generous people that know how to say ‘thank you’ when they should? Make it your daily job to be kind and generous to at least one person; you’ll receive gratitude and you’ll be in piece knowing that you made someone’s day by simply smiling and saying something nice. Oh, and don’t expect anything in return; you’re not doing it for any benefit of it, but simply because you want to do something nice. With time, this positive act will became a fruitful habit bringing you calmness, joy and happiness.

Always be calm and smile

Stay calm. There really isn’t any serious reason to be disturbed about. You’re alive aren’t you? Moreover, know that stressing about silly things will bring you no solution but only harm on the long run. Instead, stay calm and use your mind; can you do something about it and what? And smile all the way, it really makes everything much, much easier.