Tips on How to Wear and Style Denim Jackets

The origins of the denim jacket can be traced back to the 1800’s. Their first debut and use were by the working class of America, created and designed by Levi Strauss. It is believed that they got their vast popularity mainly because of their macho appeal, as they were heavily used by cowboys, due to their sustainability.

Over the years denim jackets have become a fashion statement of not only manly sex appeal but also a nonchalant persona. It has been heavily used by the punk-rock community, the hipsters and almost anyone who wants to make a rough statement. But it is very important to know how to combine and style your denim jacket – all combinations give off different meanings and overall self-image and representation.

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Photo: Benjamin Voros


The denim jacket has fallen in and out of style constantly over the years. The denim jackets that were considered ‘cool’ in the 90’s quickly became undesirable in the begging of the new millennia. But during recent years the denim urban jackets for men and woman have made a stunning comeback, as a casual top wear. They can be paired with a cross-hatched knit jumper underneath and dark tan jeans, for example, to give off a completed western look.

Fitting Your Denim Jacket

A good denim jacket only needs to be fitted well during purchase, as the material doesn’t stretch. To achieve a perfectly fitter denim jacket, you’d want the bottom cut to sit around your waste. If the cut is too long, it will look like you’re just wearing an oversized denim shirt, if it’s too short, it will give off a feminine vibe.

If the denim jacket you have chosen is form-fitting, then wearing baggy pants or jeans won’t work well. The best option would be slimmer pants/jeans if not form fitting as well.

What Clothing to Combine with Denim Jackets

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Photo: Nicholas Green


When choosing a shirt to go under your denim jacket, it mostly depends on the occasion. If you are going for a formal denim look, then incorporating a sweater or dress shirt can work very well. If on the other hand, you want to go for a chill, casual style, you can just use a plain T-shirt – either with something printed on it for a better fashion statement or simply blank.

This advice can be applied to almost all urban jackets for men.


Most of us usually pair denim with denim, while this can work, it can seem quite monochrome and cancel itself out. If however, you want a better impact of double denim, try wearing a darker shade (if not even black) of denim jeans, this will create contrast and brink focal points into your unique style.

But apart from the casual double denim, you can always try a more sophisticated, classy and formal look by combining your jacket with chinos.

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Photo: James Bloedel


The type of shoes you select should highly be dependent on your overall style. Denim can work with almost all types of shoes if the other aspects (like trousers and shirts) get selected properly. Some recommendations that work exceptionally well with denim are high-top Converse and leather boots.


Due to their versatility in style and adaptation, there is a lot of different types of accessories that can work with denim. You can try wearing a hat, be it a baseball cap, a beanie or any other type. If you’re not a big fan of hats, rings, bracelets, watches and bags can all work great with denim.


If you need ideas on how to wear denim, you can go outside and look around your city. There is probably going to be at least one person wearing a denim jacket. See what they used, how they combined it, the shapes, the colours the contrasts, and then try it out yourself.

But don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t quite suit you the way it did the person you were inspired by. As everyone has a different body shape and this can be a big factor in what clothes look good on you. Even something like hair colour or eye colour can completely change the way clothes look on a person. So just keep experimenting and trying out different styles until you find your own denim jacket persona.