Top 10 Beautiful Works Of Literature About LGBT

With the legalization of gay marriage in the U.S., we wanted to show the real nature of queer sex with the depiction of it in literature. So here are the 10 most beautiful works of literature about the LGBT community and the sex involved in it.

“Fingersmith” – Sarah Waters

If you’re searching for a lesbian love story primer, Sarah Waters is what you’re searching for. With books that are perfectly crafted, compelling and depicting some of the best relationships out there, you’re sure to be amazed and indulged in hours of reading.

“Kissing the Witch” – Emma Donoghue

A book of a fictional story about imaginary beings and land, “Kissing the Witch” is one of the best books I’ve ever read. To choose a favorite, it will be “The Tale of the Shoe”, a perfect retelling of Cinderella’s story.

“Blackberries” – Katherine McMahon (in Treasure in the History of Things)

This young controversial love poems writer is the favorite to many. And this is a chronicle of a day which was spent with a lover. He manages to deliver both immediate and personal, equal parts of sensual and sweet. He stretches throughout the history of queer relationships and of all the love that came before us.

“Days of Grace” – Catherine Hall

The two women in “Days of Grace” never talked about their love or even show it in public, however if you read between the lines you can see it clearly there. We won’t discuss any further about this book, because revealing any more information would spoil the ending.

“A New York Story” – DL King (in Best Lesbian Erotica 2008)

A love story involving an affair with a woman and a ghost, this piece of literature are considered a masterpiece. At a glance it might seem as poorly written, but at a deeper look you’ll see why this story is a masterpiece.

“If I Were a Dance” – Diriye Osman (in Fairytales for Lost Children)

A winner of the Polari prize, in this book Osman depicts a queer relationship and it’s struggles. Going through a breakup, makeup and breaking up again the love is shown through a form of dance between the lovers. This book is a joy and doesn’t just examine the relationship, but the journey of an individual into love and self-respect.

“One Cigarette” – Edwin Morgan

Writers who still hadn’t come out of the closet we’re using the second person to depict queer love, even if they had come out of the closet using “you” allowed the reader to connect with the love that was depicted, no matter what the gender of the lovers is.

“Girl Meets Boy” – Ali Smith

You won’t be wrong if you choose to read Ali Smith. “Girl Meets Boy” is a gender-fluid book in which Ali Smith retells Ovid’s myth of Iphis who was a biological girl raised as a male. Iphis and the beautiful Ianthe fall in love, so the gods transform Iphis into a male so they can be married.

“Valencia” – Michelle Tea

This is a semi-autobiographical novel by Michelle Tea. She depicts the dyke world of San Francisco in the 1990s, being equal parts frantic and poetic. The love has all different combinations and all are equally sexy.

“Dressing for Shift, circa 1981” – Laurie Lynn Drummond

Technically it might not be considered a love scene, but it’s the rawest and sensual thing you’ll ever read. Using the second person, the reader is pulled in to experience the center of the dressing. You’ll be opened to fascinating avenues of thought and become a lot more self-aware.

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