Top 10 Fun Challenges to do With Friends at Home

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you were bored as hell and in desperate search of interesting challenges to do with your friends at your or some of their home. Seek no more, we are offering the top 10 fun challenges to do with friends at home, to end your boredom and let the fun begin. Spend your time with activities that will be worth your time, improve your mood, make you learn something new, inspire you to be productive and benefit you on many different ways. Imagine your home as an adventure zone where you can learn and explore new things not just evading the sofa and watching TV. Use your spare time to improve yourself, why not include your friends in the fun as well and get the most of it.

Here Are The Top 10 Funny Challenges To Do With Friends At Home:

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is always a great opportunity to get to know one nation’s culture. It’s a big plus not just for the fun of it, but because it opens so many doors for communication with other people speaking this language as well, enriches your vocabulary, widens your horizons, lands you bigger job opportunities. You can convert learning into a fun task, which can turn up to be extremely more interesting if you include your friends and share your knowledge.

Spare one night, where you and your friends instead of going out and waste your time unproductively, will talk on a particular language, or watch a movie and then share your impressions on a foreign language, perhaps come up with quizzes and games with words for extra fun.

Dance Videos

Here is a proposal which will not only make you happy (if you are all in a grumpy state) and lighten your mood, but will turn up to be a great workout and make you burn those legendary calories which you’ve probably promised to yourself hundreds of times you’ll try to work on them tomorrow(but you never did). Call your friends, play some dancing videos with a great hip-hop or any kind of dance music that gives you the buzz and start dancing. Watch the magic of instant mood changing.

Vision Board

Invite your friends over for a vison board making party. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically a board that inspires you to go for the things you want the most, encourages you to follow your dreams and fulfill your goals. What better way to boost your productivity than a board that says ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’. Let your friends help you, it will make them feel closer to you as well as imply they play an important role in your life.


Meditation might not be a group activity, but if you are eager to try this method to clear your mind, having your friends around you will be a great challenge if you want to enter a deeper state. Imagine the laughs and first couple of tryouts to be quiet, and not to mention the joy if you actually succeed. This will definitely make your bond with them stronger.

Find a Cause to Get Involved With

While many of us are caught up with our personal problems, a lot of other issues seek attention. One of the noblest deeds that you can offer to your community is to involve in a cause that benefits others. No matter animals, people, environment, find a cause that fulfills you by showing your empathy to others. Great way to get closer with your friends and connect is to participate together in these kind of charities and causes. 

Slow Down and Relax

If you lead a busy lifestyle and these precious moments where you can sit down with your friends and relax are very rare, then you might want to slow down and enjoy the spare time. For girls: Massage, manicures, spa, facials, margaritas and your gals in total relax mood, pure bliss. For boys: casual night, few beers, games and match in front of the TV, can it get better than this?!

Night For Cooking

It is no secret that some of the best chefs in the world have taught themselves to cook, who knows you might turn up to be one of them if you try. Great idea to spend a quality time with your friends is to host a food party and cook for this occasion, or invite them and cook together. Find a great cook book recommendation, and start sharping those cooking skills, experiment with dishes, or let your friends teach you some of their delicious recipes and specialties.

Fixing and Building Around the House

When it comes to doing stuff around your house like fixing and building, knowing how to use tools can be very helpful in getting things done on your own. Calling your friends in this real life situations and work on a project together, regardless if they are helping or you are, is fun and creative way of spending your time. For example building a dog house can be quite the project, maybe your friends have done this before and have some experience, in which case they can share it with you or share some ideas. Many household chores require more than one person, getting things done it’s an awesome way to empower oneself.

Start a Book Club

If you and your friends enjoy being in the company of books and own the epithet book worms, starting a book club can be an exciting mater in your circle to share thoughts and experiences. Discussing books, authors and styles of writing not only will it enrich your vocabulary, dictionary, it will give you new perspectives of thinking and make you grow intellectually as well.

Video and Board Games

Although one of the most common means of having fun times, this activity featuring competitive spirit never grows old. Thanks to the many categories of board games, there’s a variety of games you can pick from and wake that competitive spirit among your friends. Great food, cool music, games, anticipating moves and exciting atmosphere and your dearest friends – night filled with interesting events and bound to be amazing.

Enjoy your time with these crazy challenges to do with friends at home or at a sleepover, invite your friends over to your house and start trying out our recommendations one by one, fun is guaranteed.