Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for Friends

If you’re interested in finding some good and funny prank call ideas so you can have fun with your friends, you’re in the right place. Pranking your friends is an awesome idea to brighten a dull day and cheer yourself up while infuriating the person on the other end of the line. Be warned with the prank phone calls though, if you get caught you might end up in a serious trouble with the law. The people close to you will probably get the joke after you tell them it was you who made the call and you can get away with it while some people might get offended by it and turn you in, usually if the prank went too far.
Before you execute your good prank call ideas, make sure you know how to prank call the proper way, with a disguised voice and with a unique perspective so there is nothing suspicious about it.We will get to the best prank call ideas you can perform on your friends, but first, you must get prepared so the prank would seem more believable and by that the joke itself will have a greater impact. Good prank calls are very rare, only a true comedian can do it and become a master prankster.

Get Ready for the Best Prank Call Ideas!

  • Make your number appear as private. You wouldn’t want them to know your identity would you?
  • Come up with a story and fake identity, build a funny character with a solid background so you would appear as a random person with a real reason for calling
  • Rehearse what you’re going to say, stick to your script, in case the person says something unexpected, be prepared to improvise.
  • If the person you’re calling knows you, you might want to try and disguise your voice, make it sound different so they won’t recognize it’s you.
  • Whatever you do, don’t laugh when you’re prank calling! You’re going to blow your cover by doing that, the other person on the line will instantly know it’s a prank and will hang up.
  • Be sure you won’t get in trouble with the law when you make funny prank calls. Avoid harassing and offending other people. Hate crimes are considered as felonies.
  • Don’t record the conversation as well. Recording a conversation without consent is also considered a felony.
  • The key is to have fun without exaggerating the joke.

‘Congrats! You are our lucky winner!’

If you know a person that plays lotteries or fills forms for a chance to win a prize, then you have your victim for the prank. Just call this person with an enthusiastic voice and tell them they’ve won the prize they filled the form for, think of some unusual location where they can claim their prize and give them a specific time, enjoy in your evil plan.

‘Answer correctly and you’ll win a prize!’

Pretend you’re a radio jockey when you call the person, and tell them they’re candidates to win a prize in a competition all they have to do is answer the next three questions correctly. Feel free to ask them some silly or better yet personal questions and tell them you’ll call them back, as soon as you know the results from the contest.

‘Phone Service’

Irritating a friend of yours with this prank method is a real bliss for your amusement. Introduce yourself as a phone service provider, tell them you need to check the voice quality of the line due to technical problems, for testing the quality of the call you’ll need them to repeat a silly phrase of your choosing.

‘Wrong Number’

This is one of the best prank calls to do when you’re in a company of friends, and you want to annoy someone. Make the call and ask for, let’s say John for example. Then another friend from the group should call and ask for John again etc. The person on the other side of the line will be infuriated, especially when you’ll call again and introduce yourself as John, asking if someone has been calling for you.

‘I’m Pregnant!’

This might seem shocking and really mean but it’s definitely worth the laugh. Pick a random number (you’ll need to be a girl for this one), and just say, “I have to tell you something… I’m pregnant and it’s yours”. Imagine the look on their face when they hear this statement out of the blue.

‘It’s You Who Called Me!’

This prank is basically confronting conversation between the two sides of the phone line. In fact, you as the prankster insist that you are not the one who called and the person you are pranking called you first. This endless debate might last some time depending on the person you are pranking and the level of anger you ignited.

‘Stop Calling Me, or Else!’

Good prank ideas are very rare, so this is pretty much a flip of another version of ‘It’s you who called me first’, but it’s way funnier when done on older people. Keep arguing that you are not the one who called, keep calling and make a threat that you’ll call the police and turn them in or report their number if they don’t stop calling you. Things are bound to get tense and fun while the conversation develops.

‘I hid the body as you told me’

Scaring your friends is so amusing that’s why the best pranks are usually those who you get to say over and over again, about the time when you scared them to death. Excellent prank for this is classic – ‘I hid the body as you told me’, or ‘I buried the body where you wanted, waiting for further instructions’ after you say that hang up immediately. Wait until your friends tell you about the goosebumps they got when they got the call, or maybe they won’t say anything, hmm…

‘Bring Me Some Toilet Paper!’

Call a random restaurant (some with poor customer service) and complain about how you got stuck in their bathroom and there’s no toilet paper anywhere. Demand they bring you some, two rolls just in case and hang up. Oh, the panic and running you’ll start among the employees, how devious of you. This is one of my favorite phone pranks ever.

‘Is your refrigerator running?’

People might get mad at first but will definitely burst in laughs, few moments after they hear the joke. Dial a random number and simply ask them ‘Is your refrigerator running’, wait for their response. Assuming they’ll answer ‘Yes’, you respond with ‘Hurry, catch it, before it runs away’ and hang up. The pranked person is bound to have a good laugh too unless he’s grumpy, then no, he’ll definitely be furious. If you’re looking for phone numbers to prank call, Yellow Pages is the answer!

If you’re that bored, you can always try some easy things to draw or try some games to play over the phone.

Enjoy pranking your friends with some of our funniest prank call ideas!