Top 4 Highly Rib-Tickling Tom And Jerry Shows

Tom and jerry cartoons are unforgettable delights. For many, they are better de-stressors than coffee. Below given are 4 most memorable tom and jerry episodes, which you can watch and feel better in a jiffy:

Solid Serenade (1946)

solid serenade, best of tom and jerry

It is one of the popular tom and jerry cartoons that is hard to forget and when you remember, you will find yourself smiling. The plot is simple. Tom is serenading his lover strumming the bass and singing boisterously. His loud instrument wakes Jerry up and he decides to get even with Tom. Jerry releases Spike, a ferocious dog, whom Tom had tied up at the beginning. So Spike chases Tom while Tom smacks Jerry whenever he gets the chance. The whole episode has many fun moments with Jerry trying to use Spike against Tom and the latter using every possible means to beat Spike at it.

The Cat Concerto (1947)

the cat concerto, best of tom and jerry

The episode presents Tom as a skilled piano player, who comes on the stage and starts playing the piano. Jerry, who was sleeping inside the instrument, wakes up to the battering of the keys. He goes on top of the piano and spots Tom playing it. For some time, he makes fun of him and acts as a conductor. Tom notices nothing and keeps on playing. Jerry is hell bent on taking revenge and tries to interrupt the recital in as many ways as he can. His sincere efforts in this regard are funny while Tom’s endeavors towards keeping his cool and discouraging Jerry are worthy of appreciation.

Cat Fishin’ (1947)

cat fishing, best of tom and jerry

Tom goes for fishing at a lake, which is guarded by a ruthless dog. He manages to escape the dog’s vigilance, as it was asleep when he entered. He has a good collection of baits with Jerry as the live bait. He uses poor Jerry mercilessly and makes him face a fierce Pike, which in turns wakes up the dog. Realizing how Tom has fooled him, the dog chases him but it is Jerry, who spices up the chase with his revengeful ideas.

Jerry and Jumbo (1953)

jerry and jumbo, best of tom and jerry

The show, which is one of the best tom and jerry episodes, features Jumbo, a baby elephant, who takes refuge in Tom’s house. Jumbo finishes off Tom’s milk using his trunk from 15 feet away. Seeing no one around, Tom suspects Jerry and chases him but fails to hurt him, as Jumbo saves Jerry in the nick of time. Jerry has an idea, which can put Tom off their trail for good. He paints Jumbo to look like him exactly. As Tom chases Jerry, Jumbo appears occasionally confusing Tom. The tricks employed by Jerry and Jumbo make the show interesting. The duo is later joined by Jumbo’s mother, who helps them succeed in shooing away Tom permanently.

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