Trade of Innocents Full Movie Review

Human trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery prevalent both domestically and abroad. The crime of child trafficking has recently gained more attention in our society via news reports, celebrity advocacy, and more so via films.

Trade of Innocents – a film written and directed by Christopher Bessette, is number one thriller that aims to raise some much-needed awareness and action when we talk about child trafficking and its combat and prevent. A film that talks about a couple grieving the loss of their own daughter, and are now set out to rescue young girls that are sold into the sex slave trade.


Alex Becker(cast by Dermont Mulroney) and his wife Claire (Mira Sorvino), work for a rescue organization to stop sex trafficking in Cambodia. The couple loves each other very much, but their marriage is hurt by the fact that, while Alex was on a tour of duty in Afghanistan (Middle East), and Claire was talking on the phone, their 11-year-old daughter named Abigail was kidnapped from their home and then unfortunately killed. That painful moment has led them to their current lives and they still feel guilt, grief, and anger over failing to safeguard their own child. Therefore, their attempt to stop Cambodian sex trade is deeply motivated by their own loss. What is more interesting as a fact is that Cambodian parents believe children have to provide for them, even if they have to become a sex slave.

A police captain continually tells Alex he doesn’t understand the Cambodian culture and is trying to impose western values. Meanwhile, an American pedophile Malcolm Eddrey (John Billingsley)tells the head of the local trafficking ring that he wants a young 7-year-old girl. So, the trafficker named Duke (Trieu Tran), is on the hunt for a young virgin girl. The pedophile is even willing to pay $30,000 in order to get what he wants.


While Alex has to deal with conflicts from a new police chief, his wife Claire is working as a volunteer in a shelter for rescued innocent girls, victims of the human trafficking. She gives her best to rehabilitate child prostitutes who want to live their life but regularly lose them to the streets.

To continue, the trafficker kidnaps the little girl who’s the granddaughter of the man who owns the shop under the apartment where the Beckers live. Claire has befriended this girl. In an attempt to save the little girl, Claire and the girl are trapped by the trafficker, but Alex gets there on time and saves them.

Considering the very important and very delicate topic it is confronting, Trade of Innocents does an incredible job of being a powerful and tense drama, that is not only worth seeing but also entertaining.