Turn Your Bedroom from Drab to Fab with Artwork

I had an epiphany yesterday: from simply sitting on my bed and wondering what is wrong with my room that it looks so depressing and negative, I realized that a change in the colours surrounding me needs to be done ASAP! It’s a universally known fact that a good colour scheme can make a wonderful change in your life because, colours have a strong impact on human mood. Do you honestly expect black or completely white empty walls to evoke any emotion in you? How? After thinking about this for a while, I decided to spice things up a little on the walls in my bedroom so I browsed through sites that sell artwork online Australia based searching for something like this:

Stretched canvas wall art

I saw these at my friend’s house and they looked so good I stared at their design for 10 minutes. Just by being a simple canvas stretched over wooden frames gives them a certain dose of elegance and style. And I personally love when frames aren’t visible. Plus, the best thing about these paintings is that they can be made in pieces; a single picture can be made on several pieces of canvas and when placed on the wall one by another, they create the whole picture. Plus, since they come in more pieces, they take up more space on the wall covering it with colour. There are specified artwork online Australia based stores that sell only this type of wall art. If you’re too a fan, give them a try.

Framed wall art prints

These are the opposite of the previous ones. They are placed in a frame which can be either wooden or metallic. If you choose wooden frames, make sure they go along with the rest of your furniture, and if metallic is your preference, choose either silver or golden nuances according to the colours used in the painting.

Wall murals

I always wanted to have a wall mural in my bedroom; the galaxy with stars drawn on the ceiling so that when I go to bed I can literally look at the stars. Murals can be done in all sizes and shapes, and whether you choose one for the entire wall side or just for a fraction of it depends largely on the size of the room. Murals can be either printed or drawn by an artist, so if you can’t afford a real artist, you can look for a printed mural through artwork online Australia shops.

Modern wall art

It’s modern because it doesn’t actually have any picture included, but more like a quote or a saying written in playful letters with interesting design. Of course this isn’t definite, which means you can combine styles (it’s what I intend to do) for instance a saying written over a beautiful picture of flowers or any other type of dead nature themed art pieces. Cool, right?