Must-Have Clothing Pieces That Scream Urban

Being urban means being modern and in pace with the current fashion street trends. It is not only a look but a whole lifestyle. From the way you dress, the way you accessorize, the way you behave to the places you hang out with your friends, urban is a synonym of being current right now, on the streets of your big city. In order to help you choose appropriate urban clothing pieces, here are the most common garments that carry the street style with them you can find in a streetwear shop. You just have to keep in mind that the fashion combinations should be unique and represent your preferences and the way you feel.

Flannel Shirt

A great beginner piece is a warm, comfortable woven or flannel button down shirt. It offers numerous possibilities for combinations such as looks that are western, hipster, grungy or laid-back. A nice combination would be to pair a flannel shirt with denim shorts, a hippie headband, a long necklace and a pair of casual sneakers. Or, you can wear it under an oversized, thick-knit cardigan.

Denim Vest

A blast from the past which is very IN right now. Denim vests are an easy combination piece as you can throw them on almost any outfit to upgrade your style. Thus, cropped denim vests look excellent over feminine dresses along with oversized sunglasses. Or, a very playful look is a denim vest in combination with a graphic t-shirt and skirts or jeans.

Graphic T-shirts

If you want to loudly express your thoughts on a social matter, buy a graphic t-shirt from a streetwear shop. They are a unique way to say what you mean without actually saying it, but wearing it on your chest. Whether you choose one with a funny phrase, retro logo or with a reference to a band or sports team, they are surely a conversation starter. You can tuck it into a bandage skirt and put a turband.

Oversized Sweater

Not only this clothing piece is a perfect comfortable wear in the autumn, but it is also a classical urban garment. They are loose with a little bit of artful fraying and can be perfect to combine with a pair of shorts and over-the-knee boots for a great transitional look. Or, if you prefer the street boho style, you can wear a maxi dress or a skirt underneath it and a hippie headband or wide-brimmed hat.

Unique Jewellery

Different types of jewellery can work with the urban style, you just need to know how to make the combinations. So, if you prefer a simple, elegant look, you can accessorize with some pearl stud earrings, necklaces or silver antique charm bracelets and simple watches. If you want a more dramatic look you can choose statement bib necklaces. Or, if you opt for a more unique look you can choose something that you love and make it your signature. This can be something like two-finger rings, knuckle shields, dangly earrings as well as piercings and bangle bracelets.