Urban Sneakers Are for More Than Just the Gym

Sneakers originated from work-shoes and are most popularly used by athletes as sports shoes. But in the last few years, sneakers have become a popular option for streetwear and a must have for urban street appeal. Urban sneakers have morphed into a fashion-sport shoe, that can be both practical and stylish. But with such a complex ‘morphing’ it is essential to know what to look for, to receive all the benefits from such a wonders shoe.

Basic Shoe Rules


No matter on what type of sneakers you settle on, be it style, sports or both, there are a few basic rules that need to be followed:

  • Consider Style: You shouldn’t buy sneakers just because they are trending at the moment. You should consider what type of wardrobe you have at home and buy the appropriate sneakers that will go with your existing clothes, not the other way around. You don’t want to have to re-buy all the clothes you own in different colors just because of your new sneakers.
  • Time and Place: You should know the occasions on when you can wear sneakers, although they are quite versatile in their design, they are still not a substitute for classy, dress shoes. The most common use for sneakers is off-duty, nonchalant wear, even minor casual events. When it comes to formal events it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.
  • Cleaning: There is no excuse for sporting around dirty urban sneakers. No matter how good they looked when you bought them, if they are not taken care of, your sneakers will look a mess. You will need to wash the laces, remove smells and go over the exterior of the shoe with a wet wipe – additional care includes shoe trees and sneaker shields.

Types of Sneakers


Sneakers can vary in shape and size. They come in a variety of materials, styles and overall aesthetic. It is essential to know what there is before you choose what you want and what will suit you.

  1. Basic Sneaker – Under this category falls your Converse, Vans, etc… They are mostly made out of canvas material, but can also sometimes be found in leather. They are easy to clean, wear and style.
  2. Luxury Sneakers – They follow the same guidelines as basic sneakers, but are usually made from luxurious materials such as suede. They are made from big-name brands, including Tom Ford and Lanvin. These are not recommended for mundane tasks, but rather as a fashion statement.
  3. Classic Sports Sneakers – By classic, I’m referring to Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas and other old-school sports shoes. These urban sneakers can work really well for an old-school 90’s fashion statement.
  4. Modern Sports Sneakers – Again referring to the giants like Nike, Reebok and Puma, but instead of the old styles, this category contains the newer models. These are a cheaper alternative than the classic vintages.
  5. High-Fashion Sneakers – The ultimate fashion statement shoe when it comes to sneakers, these are loud, colorful, stylish designs. They are produced by names such as Giuseppe Zanotti, Maison Martin Margiela and others.