Victoria Beckham’s Secret To Youthful Look: Bee Pollen!

If you think that Victoria Beckham uses Botox to combat wrinkles you are wrong. Her secret? She eats bee pollen! It is not a secret that Victoria Beckham loves fitness, good food and living a healthy lifestyle. A mum-of-four, Victoria Beckham is considered by her dermatologist as a health nut. He said that she watches her diet, her exercise, and pays special attention to product use and lifestyle. Simply said, she is an example of self discipline.

As a prolific tweeter, she regularly shares pictures of her adventures and essentials to have on a day-to-day basis. Lately, she had posted a picture on Twitter of the secret to her youthful look – bee pollen!


You’ve probably heard about the benefits of Manuka honey and even have a skincare product containing ingredients that imitate bee venom. But bee pollen is the newest bee product that have been causing a stir among celebrities and in the beauty and health industry. So, what is all the buzz about bee pollen?

Bee pollen is one of the most nutrient dense foods available in nature. It is a natural blend of flower pollens, enzymes and nectar product, filled with amino acids, antioxidants, calcium, protein, vitamins, enzymes, folic acid, zinc and iron. All these together that can help support your body and enhance its overall wellbeing.


Few Benefits That Bee Pollen Delivers to the Skin

Enhanced skin imperfections: If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, bee pollen can be the cure you’ve looking for. That is because the amino acids and vitamins present in bee pollen has abilities to protect the skin and help regenerate topical cells.

Younger looking skin: Free radicals are responsible to cause oxidative damage on your body. And, as you may know, oxidative damage is the main factor in aging. Since bee pollen can provide significant antioxidant activity, it explains its traditional use as an anti-aging-food.

Prevent skin damage: Because bee pollen contains great amounts of antioxidants, it can prevent free radicals from pollutants, stress, chemicals and radiation from causing permanent damage to your skin.

How to Take Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen is mainly found in granule form. It can be added to food, drink, cereals, salads, yogurt, etc. However, health practitioners recommend for beginners to start slowly. Start with a very small amount of granules ( a couple of them) to check if you are intolerant to it. If you experience itchy eyes, swelling or a sore throat, stop take it immediately.

To be able to enjoy all the skin benefits of bee pollen, make sure it is sourced in a pesticide-free environment. Also, avoid buying bee pollen that comes in tablets since they go under a heating process which can destroy the contents.