Everything You Need to Know About Victron Solar Monitors

Victron Energy has been around since 1975 an has become famous for the manufacturing of power conversion equipment. They are located in the Netherlands but are known all over the world for the quality of their products. They are well known for their off the grid battery inverter/chargers, affordable solar controllers and many more solar products. Victron is also very wide spread in the boating, RV and automotive market where they provide smart energy saving solutions with their micro power systems being among the most famous.

Solar Controllers vs Solar Inverters

Anyone who has used an old off the grid power system knows that solar charge controllers also known as solar regulators, were once the only option. Simply put they create what is known as DC coupled system, which uses the controllers to charge the battery, this system is extremely efficient as it charges the battery directly from the panels (efficient up to 99%). Today however, most large off grid power systems use a solar inverter, which is now known as an AC coupled system. The reason for that is because of their simple design which connected directly to the main grid switching back and forth depending on what the system requires at the time.

Solar Charge Regulators

There is not much competition when it comes to these types of products in the solar energy business. The only other provider for solar regulators are Chinese versions which, well i don’t want to ruffle any feather but we all know their reputation for quality. Victron solar regulators blow any other manufacturer out of the water when it comes to quality. Sure you will pay a pretty penny for it but in my experience, I’d much rather pay my money upfront than to have to buy a new one every time the cheaper version breaks.

Remote Monitoring

We are living at the peak of our technological advancements with apps for everything, so there shouldn’t be any wonder that we can remotely monitor and control your solar system. Victron has definitely taken a huge leap forward making their products compatible with apps so you can directly control your system wherever you may be. Giving you remote control Victron solar regulators use colour control (CCGX) and VRM cloud portal. This control box has a small display and allows you to connect to all Victron products (inverters, charge controllers, battery monitors etc.) this way you are always connected and you can configure and monitor all individual component directly from CCGX.