Vintage Seating 101: Your Guide to These Stylish Seats

Vintage seating is a great way to update the looks of your home interior if you have been considering a change in your living space, as it will add a special note of style and sophistication to your old-looking furniture.

In other words, you will not only get an extra seating space in the room, but will also modify the entire ambience, thanks to the newly added silhouette and style reference to it. Vintage chairs seem to be а quite interesting seating option, especially for young and modern first-time homeowners. However, there is a lot of choice to make when it comes to the vintage seating offer on the furniture market, so this is why we created a simple guide to buying stylish, vintage seats.


The Slipper Vintage Chair

We are talking about an upholstered, armless accent chair that features а small silhouette and a low-seat height, which gives you a feeling that you are sitting much closer to the ground than you actually are. If lacking out of space in your room, the slipper vintage chair is the right seating option to go for. The slipper can be frequently seen as a modern furniture complement in small apartments, usually holding its honoured place right next to the coffee table. This model of vintage chair was first introduced to the public in the Victorian era, when it represented a popular seating option for royalty ladies.


The Club Vintage Chair

This chair comes with an extra-deep seat, ideal for curling up with a novel or fashion magazine. Again, it is an upholstered armchair that it does take a little bit of space in the room, which makes it the perfect ‘chill-out’ option for snoozing occupants. The club vintage chair usually features a nail-head trim or leather upholstery and it makes a pleasurable, cozy nook when combined with a living room sofa. An interesting fact about this model of chair is that its name is commonly connected with sophisticated, gentleman’s clubs, but the real origin of the club vintage chair comes from the French furniture design, where it is called ‘fauteuil confortable’, meaning ‘comfy chair’.


The Bergère Vintage Chair

One more gem in the French-style furniture that seems to be a famous option for adding an air of elegance in contemporary living spaces. The Bergère chair is an easy-to-spot chair, thanks to the widely exposed wooden frame that surrounds the upholstered seat and back. The ability to fit in almost any design is what makes this accent chair a timeless vintage seating option. The Bergère chair was first introduced in the 17th century and was used by French nobility. Today, this accent chair can be often found in lavish homes of the rich and it is even a part of furniture used in the White House.