Wall-Mount Enclosure Boxes: The Simplicity And High Performance All in One

I believe I speak for all when I say that nothing is more nagging and makes me nervous than cables being spread all around on the floor or hanging from everywhere and disturbing the perfect image of my rooms. Plus, when something goes wrong and you need to fix the problem without calling an entire crew of mechanics, in such mess like this, it’s nearly impossible. Who knows, maybe the problem emerged from the fact that all cables are messed-up in a knot. I’ve recently discovered a solution to the problem; wall-mount enclosure boxes. No more knotted cables and switching buttons pissing me off! Now everything is organized, and so out of my sight I almost fell in love with the boxes. Here’s what they’re all about:

  • Very easy to assemble – a very good thing about these enclosure boxes is that they come assembled and ready to mount on the wall. You don’t need to read any confusing instruction manual and spend valuable free hours doing something you literally hate. These boxes are ready to go, from the moment they are delivered to your door.

  • Easy to install too – these boxes are made so they could be mounted on the wall. Their system of mounting is easy and smart, eliminating the very unnecessary wall drilling and eventual repositioning of the box. Many of these enclosure boxes have external lugs for wall-mounting for an even better convenience.

  • They fix the cable problem very elegantly – enclosure boxes have pre cut-outs designed to house cables in the most ordered way possible. Simply insert cables through the carefully cut holes and they take their place instantly; no more cables around your legs and confusion in your head by the knot they’ve created. Plus, cable length is minimized a lot so, access to cables is very easy and so is legibility of switch board.

  • There are guides and reference marks made to automatically position all switch gear and cover plants. The cover plant can be easily and quickly fixed with just 4 screws. A door can be added if needed, after the box is installed.

All in all, these enclosure boxes are the most elegant way for taking care of all the cables, buttons and electricity in your home. The design is perfect and their utility is high; so even if you don’t get mechanics and electrical things much, you won’t have a problem to do the basic shut down of power or turn it on again.