The Place of Watches in Streetwear

Urban fashion is what captures the hearts of young boys and girls who are ready to take over the streets in style. The urban streetwear clothing is what is IN, modern and chic. It is born in the streets, inspired by the famous hip-hop and rap stars and is a symbol of a lifestyle in the urban areas of the big cities. Urban clothing is complemented by the carefully chosen accessories that add the finishing touch to the whole look. Thus, among the necklaces, bracelets, rings, piercings, belts, suspenders, and many more, one accessory takes the throne as the most popular – the watch. 

You can find streetwear watches that are fun, cheeky, super functional and stand the test of time. They can be found in different styles, with different designs and the best thing is that a good streetwear watch with an attractive design can be wallet-friendly and yet of a great quality. Watches have been relevant since ever but in combination with streetwear clothing. they are representatives of a youngster who keeps up with the times. Here is everything you need to know about different types of streetwear watches before you choose your perfect model.

A Golden Classic

A gold digital or analogue watch screams urban fashion and it is not subtle at all. You should go for this model if you want to make a fashion or social statement. The soft tone of the golden tone makes them perfect to use them in different combinations of looks as well as to boost a plain outfit. To make the look more casual, you can go for a gold face and black leather strap that will produce a relaxed, everyday look.

A Two Tone Mix

If you want to achieve a subtle outdoor look you can go for a rugged outdoor watch which features solid metal construction, leather strap and a night light. Or, if you want to keep things minimalistic, you can choose a watch that features clean lines with a bare face, nigh-light and reversible slip through strap in two or three colours.

A Retro Glimpse

A timeless watch is the one that blends the functionality and the style. When these two aspects work in tandem, the watch becomes a pragmatic fashion timepiece that looks good on any occasion. Therefore, instead of the newest smartwatch, you can go for a model that was popular many years ago but designed under modern conditions, with a modern functionality, multiple time zones, a chronograph or other features.

A Heavy Duty Timepiece

The G-shock models are a favourite type among athletes and explorers due to their shock resistance and unrivalled functionality. The modern functionality features include water resistance to as much as 200 m, EL backlight, full-auto calendar and in a matte khaki colour which gives a military touch to the look.