Ways to Freshen Up Your Tired Outdoor Furniture

Of course you don’t want to throw away the outdoor table chairs you had for years! You’re emotionally connected to them, their design is one-of-a-kind or you simply don’t have the money for that spree right now. That’s why kind people like myself, decided to share some tips and advice on how to bring your otherwise dead outdoor furniture to life again. Clean your schedule this weekend and get ready to take off some stains, mildew, dust, dirt and other stubborn things that persistently try to destroy the look of your beautiful outdoor furniture.

Start with light cleaning

Inspect the outdoor table chairs first. Get them out of the basement, place them outside on the porch and see where is the damage done; if the material is wicker, are there any bites from mice? If they’re made of metal, is there rust on them? Once you determine what you’re dealing with, it’s a lot easier to pick the cleaning supplies and tools. However, the first thing you’ll have to deal with is dust, no matter the material. And dust is most easily handled: whether you use a duster, or a wet cloth to wipe the chairs and table, your choice – you ‘re still putting them under the splash of water later.

Use only gentle cleansers – nothing harsh

The point here is to make a mixture that will do the job in the best way possible and not harm the furniture even more. For that purpose, you’ll need something like a very soft detergent, like a dish-washing liquid for instance and a gallon of water. Dissolve the dishwasher in the water and use a soft-bristle brush for gentle brushing. Brush all stains carefully and than use a lot of water to rinse. Use cold water.

It all depends on the material, really

You outdoor table chairs could be made of either wicker, wood, plastic or metal. It’s important not to forget to add the protective layer once you clean them thoroughly. This means that once you polish them, you can go over with a protective layer of paint or some special type of glue. You can change the colour if you feel like it, and be sure this will give the entire set a whole new look. Once all dry and ready, get new cushions and cover ups, decorate the area with some flowers, candles and lanterns and you outdoor area is ready for summer use!