What Are The Best Guitar Cables For The Money?

The question we will be discussing today is what are the best guitar cables for the money? Like most people who play guitar, it’s easy to forget about your guitar cables until they stop working at a time you really need it. When you really think about it, it’s one of the most important elements when it comes to getting good sound. Most of us have noticed that different cables can produce different sounds coming out of your amp. The performance of cables differs for many different reasons and manufacturers produce them in different ways according to their formulas.

Compared to some other cables for other parts of the music industry guitar cables seem to be fairly cheap items. Even so the cost can vary a lot while some cables may cost you only 10 dollars, some can cost up to ten times that amount. This is mostly because of the materials that have gone into making them, the way that they have been optimized to fit different applications, a lot of other construction details, and the cables ability to be able to reject noise and it’s reliability.

A lot of things do however come down to personal preference and what sound you are going for. A lot of those expensive cables give you a really clean sound which can benefit a lot of different styles and tastes. Many musicians might find that a modestly priced cable would work better for the sound they are going for. You should look past brand names and really let your ears be the judge. Some of the greatest songs were probably recorded with whatever cables were laying around at the time so if a cheaper cable that you really like the sound of, get that one.

If you are looking for a few suggestions then we’ll also give you a few tried and tested options. If you are willing to fork out 90 dollars that you should try out the Alessandro instrument two cable. It has been made for tough service and comes with a lot of extras like heat shrink and strain relief, and it sheds dirt. If you are looking for something around the 75 dollar mark is the Asterope AST-B10 pro stage cable. This cable is quite short so it might not suit the stage but it’s great for recording. It has great sonic definition and offers you a trouble free performance. Last but not least if you are starting out then 10 dollars is all you’ll need to spend for a great cable from GigGear, although the price is super low it offers you nothing less than pro quality. GigGear also have a range of items that have been picked out because they sound great, not to mention that they ship Australia wide so you can easily order from your home and get it delivered straight to your door.

It’s easy to forget just how important a cable may be, so whether you are an experienced player or someone who is just starting out, it’s something that you should definitely look into more. Look around until you find the one that gives you that sound you’ve been looking for. You should look into stocking up on different cables for different sounds, this way you’ll always be prepared when inspiration strikes, not to mention you’ll never get stuck without one when you need it most. Finding the best cables for money shouldn’t be that important, it should always be finding that perfect sound.