What to Consider When Buying a Tractor

People who are involved in agriculture are aware of the huge importance tractors have in the development of their business. Buying a tractor can be a real challenge as they all differ in size and engine specifications. Moreover, different tasks in agriculture require a different type of a tractor. Therefore, the purpose you plan on using it for is another factor to consider while buying a tractor.
Let’s take a look at some of the basic things to think about to help you avoid unwanted costly mistakes:

Buying a Tractor

  • If the tractor you are reviewing has low hours of work that does not necessarily mean there are no problems with it. Do not believe everything you read in advertisments, sometimes a one year old tractor with less than 200 hours of work can have serious issues.
  • Another thing worth remembering is that you should definitely not rely on advertisment pictures as they will not show its flaws. Rust holes, leaks, cracks, engine skip, tire checking, brakes, poor clutch, non functioning PTO and other things are most commonly not mentioned by the seller nor portrayed on photos. Some sellers may list and try to show all defects, but the truth is, most of them will not do this and that is exactly why you need to have the buyers attitude and keep in mind that no picture can show you how the mechanisms work. Ask for details or go check it yourself.
  • Most of the time, sellers do not provide detailed review of the cosmetic and mechanical condition of the tractor. In many cases you may find serious issues that were not listed nor mentioned over the phone. If the machine is in a good shape, the seller should not have a problem with you checking the tractor before you buy it. In case they do, be caustious, something is suspicious.
  • Demand a detailed review of the condition of the tractor. It is the seller’s responsibilty to know the general condition of the tractor they offer. Therefore, the transmission, engine, brakes clutch, 3pt hitch, hydraulics etc., can be checked for operation in just a few minutes, so there is no excuse not to provide this info.
  • Be careful of sellers who demand a large down payment before you see the tractor. Nowadays, there are scammers all over the world and once they have your money in their hands it is easy to decieve you. If something does not feel right, check it out before sending the money because a real seller should not have any problems exchanging information or working out alternate payment methods.