Which Should I Buy First, A Juicer Or A Blender?

When it comes to what you should buy and what you shouldn’t, it is all about your personal preferences. But since buying either a juicer or blender is both considered an investment, anyone adapting to a raw food lifestyle should decide which investment can better meet their needs. So here is what you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

Whether you decide to buy vegetable juicer or a blender, both of them have their pros and cons. The key to success on a raw food diet is to get plenty of high, dense, quality and easily absorbable nutrition. And, both juicing and blending can give a great shot of dense nutrition that your body will absorb easily. Although there are various important differences between them two, but the main one is the speed they extract the juice from the produce. Vegetable juicers use low speed movements to extract as much as densely high nutrition from vegetables as possible by removing all the pulp (fiber). The result is a juice that your body can digest fast and easily. When you have fiber in the juice, it can take hours to be digested and absorbed by your body.

It is true that fiber is an essential part of a raw food diets, but you should get them from eating food. Juicing is a tool that you use in a raw food lifestyle to ensure that you are getting all the high nutritional density you need to succeed and it is not a replacement for eating real food. The benefits of no fiber means juicing goes easy through your digestive system. So it is a great method to detox and gently cleanse your body and give your digestive system a break. On the other hand, juices prepared with blenders don’t do that.

Blenders use high speed to break the vegetables, which releases all the nutrients and makes them easier to assimilate. But, it is more like eating a meal – because you still have all the fiber, than drinking a juice. With juices produced in blenders you cannot get the concentrated nutritional density that juices produced in juicers offer. Although you can use a blender for starting out on raw food diet, but if you decide to make it a lifestyle, then we recommend you to buy vegetable juicer. As you start to introduce more and more raw-food base into your diet, you will need various sources of densely high nutrition. Vegetable juicers can deal with virtually all kinds of produce, while blenders can’t. So our recommendation is for you to buy vegetable juicer.