Why You Should Buy Queen Size Bed

There has always been a huge dilemma among people whether to buy a king or a queen size bed for their bedrooms. The difference between the two is not exactly that big, but still, why buy the smaller, when you can get the bigger (basic human logic)? Well, you should buy queen size bed mainly because, lets face it, you don’t live in a palace in which your bedroom is the size of a small football field. Plus, it’s perfectly reasonable to buy queen size bed , and I believe you’ll agree with these reasons too:

Queen size bed
Queen size bed helps your love life.

Ok, not exactly your love life (this needs more work), but it does the opposite of what a king size bed does: it makes partners sleep separately. When you sleep in a king size bed, both of you and your partner tend to sleep on ‘their’ side, and a compromise on who should come closer first is something very rare. Who doesn’t want to be closer to the nightstand, right? The queen size bed on the other size places you both in the perfect position for everything; cuddling, spooning and even sleeping on separate sides, but still close.

Unless you’re a professional basketball player, you don’t need anything else.

Only basketball players have the right to complain that a queen size bed doesn’t fit them; it’s 152cm ×203cm, thus spacious enough for two people to comfortably sleep in it. These dimensions allow you to stretch, change positions and even have your kids sleep with you, so the excuse that it doesn’t fit a fully grown man is just ridiculous.

Queen size bed

A queen size bed is perfect for the average room size.

An average room size (rooms in houses and apartments, not palaces), can be perfectly designed for placing a nice queen size bed in it, and decorating it with suitable furniture. You can easily fill the room with all the needed furniture and even add a few things for decoration, like a nice sofa and a small coffee table, or even a small book shelf.

Various designs that can fit any room décor.

When you buy queen size bed , you can choose from various designs according to your room décor; there are platform beds – ultra modern, low lying mattress with a high frame to hold it; traditional beds – a queen size bed with four-posters, metal panel and sleigh bed frames, and beds with head-boards and foot-boards – the boards are removable and you can use them when you wish or need them.

So, are these reasons enough for you to buy queen size bed? Save the extra money for another great furniture element you can add to your bedroom. And of course, if you ever get the chance to sleep in a very, very large bedroom, feel free to go for the king size bed.