WordPress Alternative: Choosing The Right CMS Platform

A while ago I needed a WordPress alternative and some help for my business website. While I was doing the research I came across WordPress Alternative, a group of experienced professionals that helped me right away and did the magic within the snap of a finger. It’s a great website and my recommendation is essentially a guarantee!

Besides that, with the Tilden Tasks WordPress help, I had my business website analyzed, marketing planned and website secured at it’s finest. For more information, you can also check Tilden Tasks Reviews at their blog.

Anyways, let’s kick it off with the main theme. Without any doubt, one of the most popular content management systems out there is WordPress. There are different WP themes, a variety of plugins, tons of forums and millions of users. However, every single website cannot be hosted on this platform and sometimes it’s better to look for a WordPress Alternative, such as Drupal or SquareSpace.



Drupal is one of our favorite WordPress alternatives. It is a reliable content management system with an Open Source script, and that goes with many advantages:

Functionality: The user management and the advanced menu management are quite awesome. There is also graphics modification tool, an option to create polls, articles, forums, different types of widgets, etc. This platform is ideal for creating video pages, polls, different types of articles, podcasts, etc.

Advanced Users Management: An administrator is able to give permission rights to user’s accounts. Different types of tasks can be assigned to different users, so they can manage parts of your internet site.

Graphics Management: There is a variety of different templates and themes so you can start your web page. This is a great option because it’s all predefined and you don’t need any coding or some complex work for your web page to look great.

If you need everything predefined, then everything should be well with Drupal. But, if there’s a need for changes in the code, you will need a lot of knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS.



Squarespace is a really simple content management system, where you can create the most professional websites and edit them with the amazing templates and style editor, without having the knowledge of coding.

Templates: Squarespace’s templates are very attractive and sometimes even better than the templates that the other content management systems are offering. All of the templates are responsive and well-optimized for any device.

Content Management: The content management approach is amazing! The layout engine lets you drag and drop elements and that flexibility is one of the main reasons we love and recommend Squarespace, as one of the WordPress Alternative solutions.

Blogging: If you’re into blogging, this might be the perfect solution and platform for you. Whether you like to post news, some tutorials or reviews, Squarespace can be very useful and attractive.