World’s Top 10 Finest Wines. #3 Is a Must-Try

We are all witnesses that the today’s wine market is completely saturated. Every wine shop features a tons of of eye-catching labels that draw the attention with the promise of delicious sip. While spending a little more on buying the right wine, why not throw the dice and find a perfectly priced and equally delicious wine? Believe me it’s much more exciting.


Well, if you don’t want to risk, let me give you the good news. Your “gambling” days are over. We have put together a list of the World’ Top 10 finest wines.

  1.  Katogi Averoff Traminer – If you are planning to visit Greece, now is your time. Escape from the cold days and enjoy the Greece sun and water. The best way to celebrate your vacation is with a bottle of Katogi Averoff Traminer. This 2006 Greek bottle will make your vacation memorable.
  2.  The Krug Champagne – The 1998, Krug Champagne will make you want to visit France and its wine region. It is complex and has long lasting taste, perfect for any occasion.
  3.  Brokenwood Maxwell Vineyard Semillon 2007 – This Australian Semillon wine is a real beauty. Coming form the Hunter Valley, this Brokenwood Maxwell Vineyard Semillon 2007 pale straw-green wine is extraordinary. It is a wine of exceptional finesse, balance, length and line. Over the years it will become more complex as honey.
  4.  The Domaine De La Romanée Conti “La Tâche” Grand Cru – The 90’s Burgundy bottle has all the secrets of Burgundy wines. One sip is enough to fall in love with it.
  5.  The Aldo Conterno Barolo Riserva “Gran Bussia” – This 1989 bottle comes from one of the finest Italian vineyards – Piedmont.
  6.  Kiedricher Gräfenberg – If you ever go in Rheingau, Germany, try the rare and splendid bottle of wine. The Kiedricher Gräfenberg is one of the rarest Germany wines.
  7.  The Muga “Prado Enea” Gran Reserva – This 1994 wine bottle is coming from Rioja, Spain. The great thing about this tasty wine is that it goes almost with any food.
  8.  Burgundian Pinot Noir – If you are fan of red wines, then the Burgundian Pinot Noir is your perfect choice. Try the 1999 Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru bottle and enjoy the vanilla, spice and herb tastes.
  9.  Blandy’s Verdelho Solera Madeira – If you want to try something amazing, try the exquisite bottle of the 1870 Blandy’s Verdelho Solera Madeira.
  10.  “Gaston” – The last but not least is the Gaston wine. It comes from Napa Valley, US and is one of their finest wines.