WTH! Pokemon GO Working on Sponsorship Deal with McDonalds?

Pokemon GO became the most trending thing in the past month. You’ve probably seen some people playing the game outside, and the internet is literally flooded with all things Pokemon. Everybody is talking about it. It isn’t a surprise that companies would be interested in sponsorship deals with the creators, The Pokemon Company, Niantic Labs and Nintendo. According to a rumor from Gizmodo, McDonald’s may be the first company to make that sort of deal.

The sponsorship deal with the global fast food chain is set to launch in one country in Asia. There hasn’t been anything that would point to which country, however, there are a lot of speculations for the country where Pokemon was born. The game became available in Japan just a week ago and all the players are getting their hopes up for all the new McDonald’s gyms and Pokestops. These two things mean a lot in the game and have a huge role in leveling up the player’s character and getting better at the game. In the gyms, you train and battle Pokemon, and the Pokestops are locations which when you go there will give you a few supplies, like Pokeballs.

The rumors haven’t been confirmed by the creators. Nintendo, Niantic, and The Pokemon Company aren’t saying anything about the deal. The sponsorship may happen, or it may not. However, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if this sort of deal was made, Niantic did this with its previous game title “Ingress” with the Japanese convenience chain “Lawson.” This is a great way for the game to bring in a lot more revenue, which of course wouldn’t be a sore sight for the-the three companies. This is also a great way to keep players hooked on playing Pokemon GO, which is well on its way to becoming the fastest growing app and game in the history of smartphones.

If you haven’t gotten your hands on the game yet, you can get it from the App Store or the Google Play Store. It’s free to play and available, both on iOS and Android. You can download it and start playing it right away, however the game features a business model which is focused on microtransactions, which means you can buy in-game items with real money. However, visiting enough PokeStops will save you money.