Xylitol Powder Diet Facts You Should Know

Sugar is an essential energy for your brain, but it is not so friendly with the other parts of your body. Luckily, on today’s market you can find a plenty of sugar alternatives that are natural and healthier. According to many researches, xylitol is the healthiest and most commonly used sugar alternative. Whether you are a diabetic or not, xylitol is the sugar you want to use for all your sweet needs. It is a better choice than the white sugar even for baking sweets and cookies. Ever heard about Xylitol Powder Diet? Or planning to go for one? Here is what you should know about it.

Xylitol Powder ice cream

Xylitol is usually compared to sorbitol, which is another sugar alternative that is incorporated in a lot of diet products. Diabetics should avoid sorbitol or at least consume it in reduced amounts. Sorbitol is also known to feed dental plaqua and encourage gum disease, which can make the blood glucose unstable. Xylitol, on the other hand, help you to stabilize the blood glucose and it keeps your mouth healthy. This is very good for your teeth health and your overall body health.

Since it is one of the healthiest sugar substitutes and it is a quick anti-fungal solution, xylitol powder diet is widely suggested for infants, which may be at risk for Candida infections or thrush. The best way to include xylitol in your infant’s diet is to dissolve a quarter teaspoon of xylitol in a little water and wipe over the infected area. Also, you can put this mixture into your baby’s bottle instead of water only. Twice a day would be enough to lose the thrush.

Aside from being beneficial for infants, the healthy xylitol powder diet should also be given to babies, who might be at risk for cavities. In fact, children born by Caesarian section are at risk, because they lack the inborn protection that children born vaginally acquire. If you and your family all have bad teeth, consider protecting your baby’s teeth by incorporating xylitol powder diet instead of sugar since early age. To make it easier, put xylitol into your daily diet before the baby is born. When the baby steps on this world, wipe the baby’s gums with xylitol in water. This is proven to help in stopping cavities.

All children love juices and sweets that contain sugar in huge amounts, which is terrible for their teeth. Toddlers are hard to get to clean their teeth, and according to studies, brushing and flossing is not able to stop cavities. Children with great and healthy teeth at age of 4 are very likely to have nice teeth as adults. One teaspoon of xylitol per day mixed with water is enough to help in having great teeth when grown up.

Adults of all ages are also suggested to consume xylitol, whether in small amounts or as a complete sugar replacement. Dissolve xylitol in milk, yogurt or water and enjoy it as a drink in anytime of the day. There are many reasons to put yourself and your family to xylitol powder diet, but it’s your choice if you want a healthier life or not.