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dizaster vs o'fficial

Dizaster VS O’fficial: The Bunker [REVIEW]

This battle was announced 9 days before The Battles at The Bunker event and I was pretty shocked. Why would Dizaster battle O’fficial? I understand the vice versa thing, but not Dizaster’s angle about this. Dizaster VS O’fficial Round 1: Those stereotype rhymes about women don’t work for Diz! He knows better! That’s a washed up angle. O’fficial stood straight without a bit of intimidation. She started her first round pretty nice. I know her from several other battles, but this was pure fire. She won the first round with “Silencer on a weapon, that’s my definition of peace…
b magic e ness

B Magic VS E Ness: The Bunker [REVIEW]

I was really looking forward to seeing B Magic VS E Ness, alongside Carter Deems VS Bonnie Godiva‘s battle. That was the most anticipated battle for me at The Bunker. B Magic is my friend’s favorite battle rapper and I am not that amazed by him, so I was secretly rooting for E Ness, I mean, the hypeman from Grizzlemania was with him, too, come on! B Magic VS E Ness Round 1: E Ness started like crazy. Back to back punchlines, crazy as ever! That “chain of command” angle was ubeliavable! His stage presence man, the hand’s movement,…
carter deems bonnie godiva

Carter Deems VS Bonnie Godiva: The Bunker [REVIEW]

Carter Deems VS Bonnie Godiva is such an unusual battle.¬†Picture this: Carter Deems looking dapper AF while Bonnie Godiva is looking bangin’. She was so fine, Deems couldn’t even look at her eyes. Carter Deems VS Bonnie Godiva Round 1: Carter Deems’s angle was all about romance and comedy. He gave Bonnie flowers and all, what a gentleman! I mean, After Godiva’s last battle and Charron’s d*ck check, what do you expect? Nothing but sweet words and lovely promises. After all of that, he ended the round with “I’ll be your new Math like Common Core”. That’s when the…
iron solomon vs charlie clips review

Iron Solomon VS Charlie Clips: KOTD WD6 [REVIEW]

King Of The Dot: World Domination 6 is my first-ever review of a battle rap event and I’m pretty excited about the Iron Solomon VS Charlie Clips¬†match. I hope it’ll become a regular thing for me since I cannot watch the battles in person. Anyways, it’s all about one of the greatest battle rap events that ever happened: KOTD: World Domination 6. The card looks amazing. I never thought that I will see many of my favorites battle each other, especially Iron Solomon VS Charlie Clips and Pat Stay VS Serius Jones. So without further ado, here’s my Iron…