How to Pick the Right Tail Lights for Your Car

In every vehicle, tail lights are one of the most important features. They allow other traffic participants to correctly gauge the size and shape of your car and increase your visibility in bad weather such as rain or snow. But not only are tail lights crucial to your safety on the road, they’re also a defining feature to your car’s rear.

So, if your tail light has gone out, it’s important to replace it straight away. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you can also get pulled over and fined if a tail light doesn’t work. When changing a broken tail light, purchasing an aftermarket model is easier and more affordable than going for an OEM model. In order to choose the right tail lights, here’s what you need to consider.

toyota tail lights

Your Car’s Make

Like most vehicle parts, tail lights should be suitable for your make of car. For instance, if you own a type of Toyota, you need to purchase Toyota tail lights that fit the exact series whether that’s a Hilux, Corolla or Landcruiser. For 4×4 vehicles, you may want to browse a store that specialises in 4×4 parts and accessories.

Types of Tail Lights

Whether you’re looking for Toyota tail lights or for another make, you have to decide between different bulbs. Lately, LEDs are the most popular type of tail lights. As LEDs are more energy-efficient and durable than other types of bulbs, you won’t have to worry about replacing them that often. LEDs are also easy to install all by yourself and give the car a more modern appearance due to their cold glow. However, the standard lights that most cars come out from the factory are halogen. So some vehicle owners who prefer the traditional warm look tend to get halogen lights again. Xenon lights are also an option that’s also strong and produces a brighter glow than other lights. These lights use an electrical arc as opposed to a filament.

Additional Features

The aftermarket accessory market offers a huge range of innovative designs and technologies to modernise your vehicle. And the same goes for tail lights as well. For instance, there are black and smoked tail light covers that camouflage the tail lights on dark coloured vehicles when not in use, thus providing a sleeker, uniform appearance. You can even purchase tail light covers in a semi-transparent fibre pattern that gives your vehicle an exotic performance custom look.