Cool Fur Vest Ideas

I can’t think of a woman I know, that strongly stands by the controversial theory that wearing fur is a sin, rather than a pleasure that sky-rockets your self-confidence while perfectly sitting on your shoulders. Yes, it’s soft, it’s eye-catchy and screams luxury; and you know you want to own one. Fur holds the highest stand among all clothes, not just as a piece that literally delivers pleasure, but also as a provocative debate on animal rights. So, if you decided to throw that expensive, luxurious piece of heaven on your shoulders, you better be prepared to hear people’s opinion on it, as these days, everyone seems to have one.

Since we established that fur is the ultimate statement-making piece of clothes, now we can make various outfits that without the fur vest would be just simple. For easier picking, I divided the large offer of ladies vests into three basic groups:

  • Short, or “bolero” vests – these fur vests come somewhere above the waist line, much like a bolero cardigan. The wide offer of these ladies vests in fur includes generally monocoloured and simple fur vests. These vests go exclusively with high-waist jeans, pants or skirts, or with short dresses.

  • Medium sized fur vests – these reach the lower waist, and are long as much as any regular jacket.

  • Long fur vests – long fur vests go as long as your knees, or a little above the knees. These are very versatile in colour and design.


And now, here are some cool outfit ideas to get you brainstorming about combining your fur vest for the ultimately chic look:

  1. The all timer all black look.

    Whether you put on leather black pants, black jeans, black classic trousers or black tights and a black top, you’re always trendy, as black never goes out of fashion. Browse the wide offer of ladies vests and choose a black fur vest to go with this look. For instance, wear leather pants, a long knit blouse and a black fur vest, combined with very high-heeled black boots, and a black fedora. Or, if you want to break the blackness, match the boots, the fedora and the bag in any other colour.

  2. Jeans and fur vest for casual outfit.

    Any type of jeans: high-waist, short-waist, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and even flare jeans, which are coming back on the scene big time, go well with a fur vest. Just make sure you combine the right pieces: high-waist jeans with a short vest, and all other jeans with medium sized or long vests. For example, you can choose a long brown fur vest from the wide offer of ladies vests online retailers have, a black shirt with long sleeves and navy blue boyfriend jeans. Add to that some fancy high heels and a matching bag, and you’re ready to turn heads!

  3. Feminine and warm outfit with a skirt and a fur vest.

    For ladies that leave early in the morning for work, this would be the perfect outfit; a high-waist, black leather pencil skirt, combined with a short (or long, your preference here) black fur vest and a short knit top with a shirt underneath. High heels are mandatory here.

  4. Dress to impress with a fur vest!

    A fur vest could give the dose of luxury a simple day or evening dress needs to make a statement. Take the inspiration from the eternal Parisian elegance: combine a long, black, fur vest with a short, pencil dress in Parisian black and white stripes, add a red scarf and high heels and voila – fur perfection! Or, instead of high heels, you can choose high-heeled boots, which will go evenly well with this outfit.