Equipment & Tools

Australian tools and equipment industry has varied greatly over the last few years. The performance of this industry is a result of Australia’s two-speed economy. The construction and mining industry have further boosted the tools and equipment industry, as well as the decline of the manufacturing division.

The tools and equipment industry in Australia deals with a wide range of products. From hand-held tools for mining applications to large tools that can be used in the construction and manufacturing industry, this segment is really extensive. When making a calculation of the costs for your tools and equipment, don’t forget to include the repairing and insuring costs. Whether for personal or work-related purposes, you should keep records of your tools, so if requested, you can show how you apportioned the amount of use.

The tools and equipment manufacturing industry in Australia has generated about a billion dollars, which marks an increase of 2.4% from 2010 to 2015. Until the end of 2015, it is expected the revenue to reach $1.2 billion. If you are about to buy new tools and equipment for your business that can help you increase your income, you must be up-to-date with the latest industry trends.


ThruNite LED Flashlights: What Are the Advantages?

Tools are those items that you won’t always need but you’d always be glad to have along with you just in case. This definitely applies to flashlights and though they may not be considered tools in the same sense actual tools are, the benefits they provide equal those of tools.
access lift equipment

Elevate Your Knowledge about Access Lift Equipment

Transporting items and objects through a warehouse is simple enough when most of the items are stored on the ground but if your warehouse stores items on shelving units or multiple open floors you’re going to need some specialized equipment that gives you access. The equipment used for these kinds of warehouses is called access lift equipment which consists of boom lifts, low-level access lifts, scissor lifts, specialist platforms and attachments. They vary in size since the height of different tasks varies, with specialist platforms being the largest, while accessories and attachments are the smallest and easiest to install…
Ground Penetration Radar

The Many Applications of the Ground Penetration Radar

The benefits of knowing what is inside or under a surface are almost endless. Knowing where to dig or not to dig, finding lost or unknown objects, quantifying and mapping the deterioration of bridges and other concrete structures, all these can help reduce costs and even prevent fatal accidents. A ground penetration radar (GPR) is the most effective tool to help a person discover what is under or inside a surface. A ground penetration radar sends out a pulse of radio frequency energy which bounces off the buried object and is detected by the receiver. Featuring a system with…

How To Pick The Right Boxing Gloves

Boxing is one of the world’s most popular sports and holds a large tradition and history. Boxing was first invented by the Greeks and dates back to the 17th century BCE. There are various legends about the origins of boxing which was practiced in various Greek cities. According to one legend, the the national hero of Athens, Theseus invented a form of boxing in which two participants sat face to face and hit each other with their fists until one of them was eventually dead. Later, the competitors began to fight while standing and wearing gloves with spikes and…
Digital Probe Thermometers

Discussing Food – Analog VS Digital Probe Thermometers

With Christmas right behind our doors, we can officially say that the meat season may begin. With that on mind, I think that it is time to start thinking about the type and quality of meat thermometer you have in your kitchen. It is okay if you have the old standard type of meat thermometer, but today, you can enjoy in the large selection of new gadgetry and choose the one that will make your life easier. With the new ones, you can be sure that the turkey, chicken, and ham will come out of the oven at a…

Wall-Mount Enclosure Boxes: The Simplicity And High Performance All in…

I believe I speak for all when I say that nothing is more nagging and makes me nervous than cables being spread all around on the floor or hanging from everywhere and disturbing the perfect image of my rooms. Plus, when something goes wrong and you need to fix the problem without calling an entire crew of mechanics, in such mess like this, it’s nearly impossible. Who knows, maybe the problem emerged from the fact that all cables are messed-up in a knot. I’ve recently discovered a solution to the problem; wall-mount enclosure boxes. No more knotted cables and…
Commercial Fridge For Sale

Cool Facts about Commercial Fridges

The commercial fridge is one of the vital kitchen appliances for every hospitality business, without exceptions. If you are already involved in a restaurant or food catering business, you certainly know how important the commercial fridge is for preserving the freshness and the quality of your food, as well as for preventing the food products from spoiling. On the other hand, if you are starting a hospitality business for the first time, and you are on the look for a commercial fridge for sale, below you have some cool facts about the commercial fridges you need to familiarize with,…
chemical and flammable storage cabinets

A Brief Guide To Chemical and Flammable Storage Cabinets

Fires are dangerous, unpredictable and have taken many lives. If an emergency ever breaks out it’s vital to ensure that you have enough time to make an emergency exit. Any flammable liquids or gasses around your workplace or home should be stored away in a cool, safe place. A flammable storage cabinets is designed to store flammable liquids and gasses in a safely away to help reduce the risks of starting an accidental fire and ensuring they’re kept away if a fire does occur giving you time to make an exit. The most common chemical and flammable storage cabinets are…
Digital Handheld Oscilloscope

Handy Tips For Choosing a Great Handheld Oscilloscope

So if you’re not sure what an oscilloscope is, it is a device that can measure the waveform of electric signals, and these handy devices are used in many fields of work including the electric field, science labs even in automotive work. Oscilloscopes have really come a long way since the first few models, they were bulky, slow and inaccurate so maybe you’re considering an upgrade from one you bought a while ago. The first model’s we’re bulky, inconvenient to carry around and missing most of the features that are included now, there are even oscilloscopes that fit right…
electronic test and measurement equipment

Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment: Types & Uses

Electronic testing equipment is one of the most essential things electricians cannot live without. It is a powerful device used to detect malfunctions in electronic devices by creating stimulus signals and capturing responses from them. If there are any faults, they can be traced and repaired with the help of electronic testing equipment. Usually, all electrical and electronic circuits are tested and troubleshooted to detect if there is any fault or abnormal functioning. Therefore, electronic testing and fault diagnosis is necessary to discover and analyze the circuit conditions in many industries. Today, you can find a vast of test…