The Common Features of Fenix Tactical Falshlights

Although Fenix hasn’t made a vast range of tactical flashlights, they sure have focused more on the quality of each individual tactical flashlight they’ve made. This makes for a small set of flashlights but a more consistent one, having every type of tactical flashlight equipped with not just the essentials but some of the features that make them stand out. Sure thing they still differentiate from one another but there are a set of features that are true to this line of products and we are going through each one today. Let’s check them out.

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Low-Voltage Warning

Every tactical flashlight from Fenix has a preset voltage level, in order to make sure that the flashlight is used without any interruptions. In case the voltage level goes below the preset level while a Fenix tactical flashlight is on, the low-voltage warning will initiate automatically. This will reduce the brightness of the flashlight until Eco output is possible. In order for the flashlight to operate normally, the battery isn’t going to lower the output levels but instead, it will function until it runs out of juice.

Intelligent/Over-heat protection

Sometimes during prolonged use, the flashlight is going to heat up more than 65°C and this is where intelligent protection comes into play. When this happens the flashlight will automatically lower the number of lumens it uses which will help lower the temperature. When the temperature is low enough then the lumen count will go back to its default. This will also happen if you have used the turbo brightness level for more than 20 minutes.

Strobe Mode

The strobe mode on a Fenix tactical flashlight can be activated by pressing and holding the mode switch for one second or instantly. The latter is done when the light is switched off, by pressing the functional switch until you enter in strobe mode and then releasing it, which will turn off the flashlight. Pressing the tactical switch after turning it on will lock the flashlight on the strobe mode all the time.

Output Selection

With output selection, you have the ability to cycle through modes with ease and it is done by using the tail switch. In order to cycle through different modes, you will need to half click the tail switch which will go through the modes as you click and then you will apply the desired mode with a full press. But if you wish to exit a mode and enter a different one you will need to click twice on the rear switch. This will again, cycle through the different modes and allow you to choose one.