SMSF members

How Much Does A DIY SMSF Cost?

There are some SMSF members who like the control that comes with managing their own super fund. However, taking control involves been responsible for managing your retirement funds, which will require significant time and effort. If you’ve understood your legal responsibilities, and have enough time to dedicate to it, you can consider running your SMSF by your own. But how much does a DIY SMSF cost? Well, the cost of establishing a SMSF is not the only important thing you need to investigate. The annual running costs of your SMSF are actually more important (to the long-term viability of…
Ways to Save Money

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

I am sure you have been faced with the challenge of saving money and have wondered how people manage to do it. The truth is, the hardest thing about saving money is getting started. Many people have a hard time figuring out simple ways to save money and using their savings to fulfill their financial goals. But do not panic, you can always start today. You can either do it on your own or take a look at the latest SMSF news to find out more about what it takes to set up your own Self Managed Super Fund.…
Financial Goals

The Importance of Setting Financial Goals

For every major financial undertake, a good plan is essential, otherwise it will remain a unfulfilled wish. Regardless if it’s a matter of buying a new car, a house, saving for your kid’s college fund, wedding, vacation or investing in a SMSF fund, setting concise, clear and well-defined financial goal will help you turn every wish into reality. Setting A Good Financial Goal That Will Work For Achievement Of Your Plans On The Long Run The main thing in achieving a financial objective is writing it down. It has been proven that writing a goal on a piece of…
Financial Future

Money Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Financial Future

With the busy lives we lead, nowadays it seems like money revolves the world. Although they say money can not buy happiness, you have to admit that it feels good spending money on things you love. Success produces money but there comes a point in life when you no longer are capable of hustling and all you want to do is spend more time with your loved ones and maybe travel. Therefore, you have to think of rainy days and the future ahead of you. Many people are afraid of ruining their finances because it is very easy to…