Fred Perry Clothing – Brand Origins and Style Tips

When it comes to modern brands, it’s impossible to overlook the style and sophistication of Fred Perry fashion. Fred Perry is a historic brand named after a tennis player, several times winner of Wimbledon, who decided to create a line of sportswear. He was the first tennis player to win a ‘career grand slam’ at age 26 in 1935 when he won all four major singles titles. In the ’60s, this fashion company became one of the best brands of clothing for tennis and soon after that, it was known as a symbol of elegance and style for a sporty and casual fashion.

In 1952, the company launched what became a symbol of the Fred Perry clothing line: a cotton pique polo shirt with a slim fit and a laurel wreath embroidered on the chest. Sporty and refined in one. One of the most recognized logos worldwide, the laurel wreath, was based on the original Wimbledon symbol. It became an immediate success. Even though the polo shirt at the time was only available in white and was branded specifically as a tennis shirt, it soon became fashionable. As the demand for the polo shirt increased, more colors became available.

Historically speaking, the polo shirt never went out of fashion. While in the sixties a Fred Perry polo shirt buttoned right up to the top looked great, it’s still a strong look today. There are plenty of ways to wear your favorite polo shirt in order to achieve an updated, contemporary look. You can wear them with slim-fitting suit trousers and a pair of brogues and you are ready to go out on a date! Or you can pair a Fred Perry polo shirt with a simple pair of dark denim – this way you will have room to experiment with statement colors and tonal tipping. Maybe you are interested in a smarter look? Then, opt for a pair of neutral chino trousers and black trainers that along with your polo shirt will add a touch of sartorial flair for a casual occasion.

When it comes to wearing a polo shirt in style, the most important thing is to really nail the fit. In other words, the shirt should sit close to your body, fitted but not too tight. The better shape you’re in, the better look you will achieve wearing a polo shirt with a closer-fitting effect, but remember that it should not be skin tight. You should be able to stick at least 2 fingers under the sleeves.

Today, Fred Perry clothing is one of the best-known in the fashion world. Their collections feature casual wear like sportswear, with garments ranging from footwear to jackets, shirts, and sweaters.