Indoor Shoes: The Reasons to Wear Slippers

It’s a given we need to find the right protection for our feet when it comes to footwear for the outdoors yet many of us fail to consider the importance of indoor footwear. Think about it, as much as you like the idea of walking barefoot not only is it not advisable especially in the colder days of the year when cold feet easily lead to colds (yes, grannies are right!), it’s also not that great of an option in terms of discomfort too.

Having this in mind, why not give ladies comfortable slippers a try; they’re versatile, available in many designs so you have a great deal of options to choose from and along with the cosiness you won’t lack in style either since they can be found in different models, including ugg-style, made of various materials such as wool and faux fur, so there’s the right pair for every taste and warmth requirements.

The support isn’t taken lightly too so many of the ladies comfortable slippers specialised stores offer have underfoot torsional support and flexibility and traction on different surfaces thanks to synthetic soles and removable insoles that won’t give you trouble with washing and maintaining them odour-free. This happens to be perfect if you’re used to wearing shoes with custom orthotics also.

Add to this the synthetic felt lining and you get slippers ideal for all-day wear! More on the aspect of protection, it’s not just colds you can ward off but bacterial and fungal infections too, all with the help of a pair of slippers. Then there’s the aspect of safety given that some floor surfaces can be really slippery and it’s easy to fall and break a bone or twist a ligament; why risk this when you can simply wear your favourite slippers?

If this doesn’t convince you enough as to why it’s important to wear indoor footwear, perhaps the thought of cleanliness would. When you enter the home with your outdoor shoes you’re bringing along more bacteria (about 421.000 units of bacteria including E. Coli responsible for urinary infections!) than you’d find in a public toilet, with bits of vomit, dirt and faeces you picked up on the way so you don’t only make your home dirty, you end up exposing yourself to all sorts of illnesses.

Last but not least, slippers prolong the lifespan of your socks! Unless you want to keep on buying a pair of socks more often than not, it’s time to start wearing indoor shoes!