NN07 Clothing: the Story & Idea Behind It

With a spontaneous idea becoming the follow up of a regular night out with a friend, no brand is destined to succeed no matter the odds. But the spark that made NN07 what is today was exactly that. The same taste in fashion and the quest to break up the monotone fashion and bring something simple yet refreshing onto the scene were the two most important goals that led to the creation of this brands’ success. Here are the idea and story behind Denmark’s well-established clothing brand, NN07.



Before we delve into the journey of two friends and founders, Victor and Ulrik, we have to understand where they are coming from. As I mentioned earlier on, the mainstream designer clothing and what other similar brands have been making were the main reason why NN07 clothing was born. The letter part of the name, NN was made sort for No Nationality, since the inspiration for the designs came from a culture far from home – Japan. The numbers part represented the year which the brand was founded. Bringing together vintage Japanese culture with the simplicity of the Scandinavian took a while until it propelled to a minimalists favourite fashion piece.


The two bar frequenters started this journey with a flight to Japan to find inspiration from Tokyo’s thriving vintage culture. The distance between their home and source of inspiration made the meaning behind “no nationality” as the fashion sense from both countries came together into one. They first started as a men’s clothing brand but soon enough branched out to a women’s clothing line and one for accessories. Their first four years were nothing special but the hard work and unique craftsmanship made them stand out in the year that followed. With only five years of existence, Victor and Ulrik managed to put the brand’s recognition on another level which brought them a nomination in the 2012 Dansk Fashion Awards.

Since the start, their clothing pieces were the product of the desire for a perfect fit and the attention to detail that both of them put so much effort into. Their “outside of the box” thinking made fashionistas stand in awe with the introduction of three NN07 clothing shirts for men – the Derek, Sixten and Falk. These shirts are probably the most recognisable pieces that the company has ever made and ones that everyone seems to like the most. Today NN07 has a high reputation for being this unconventional brand that brought the conventional back with a simple but meaningful enough twist.