Popular Workwear Styles That Have Become Streetstyle Staples

Over the years, the most common high-fashion brands that gained popularity in creating streetwear clothes as well were Gucci and Louis Vuitton. However, these days more and more youngsters are relying on the durability and eye-catching streetwear models of workwear brands like Carhart and Dickies. They are practical, comfortable and durable which is the win-win combo, something that today’s young gals and pals love. That being said, let’s see which are the most sought-after workwear/streetwear brands among Aussies over the past few years.

Stan Ray

Stan Ray clothing

The first sought-after brand among streetwear lovers is the Texas brand, Stan Ray. Present on the market since 1972, this brand is known for the production of high-quality and durable clothes. Chinos, denim jeans, jackets, tees and totes are just some of the many you can find in its large selection and when paired the right way, you can obtain a streetwear combo that can never go out of fashion. And one that can last you for many years.


carhartt shirts

If you appreciate brands who have been on the market since ever and ones that still are famous for its quality products, then we suggest you take a look at Carhartt. Founded in Michigan in 1889, this brand has devoted to providing its customers with durable and long-lasting clothes. At first, Carhartt has focused on the production of workwear clothing pieces, however, these days you can see Carhart shirt of all kinds, jeans, vests and jackets on the body of many streetwear fans. All of them are made of high-quality and durable materials, resistant to wear an tear. Converse, P.A.M, Patta and Bape are just some of the brands with which Carhart has been collaborating, which speaks a lot about the brand’s reliability. Whether a boy or a girl, you can find a range of Carhart shirt models, pants, jackets and many other clothing pieces that can surely find a place in your wardrobe.


dickies pants

Dickies is just another popular brand that has found a way in the streetwear world. This brand has the ability to remain the largest workwear manufacturer in the world thanks to its true devotion which is the production of quality and tough clothing pieces. The American worker has appreciated this brand since ever and now even more, as Dickies has proven as a brand that can offer so much more.



Eastpak is a brand that can provide Aussies with a range of high-quality collection of bags. Since its very beginnings, Eastpak has been providing the US army with high-quality gear under the name Eastern Canvas Products. Later on, in the early ’70s, the brand saw high school kids and college students adapt their products for other purposes. Precisely this was the time when Eastpack has become a popular brand among youngsters.