Stay in the Know: Snowboarding Gloves & Mittens Buying Tips

If you have ever been snowboarding, you know that one of the first things that get cold while you’re out adventuring on the snow are your hands and fingers. Choosing the right pair of snowboard gloves or mittens for your snowy adventures is essential for your warmth and safety. Although this may not be the most important decision you will make when assembling your snowboard set up, there are a few elements that you will need to keep in mind when buying a pair of snowboarding gloves or mittens.

snowboarding gloves

Waterproof and Breathability

After spending hours skiing or snowboarding on the slopes, it’s common to succumb to the cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions. For this very reason, it is of the essence that the snowboarding gloves or mittens that you buy are breathable and waterproof. Breathability ensures there is the much-needed airflow which allows sweat and moisture to escape, keeping your hands dry and comfortable. Waterproofing is also of great importance, not just for snow, but for warmer climates as well where the snow melts faster and may not be as dry. Once your snowboard gloves are wet, not much can be done – your hands will get damp and chill faster, and the discomfort of heavy, wet gloves will weigh your hands down.


Depending on what kind of rider you are, your body and the weather conditions you’re riding in, you will need a different type of insulation on your gloves. Riders who prefer riding in colder conditions and tend to get cold very quickly will benefit most from thicker insulation. However, keep in mind that although the insulation may be thicker in a glove, that does not automatically mean that it’s warmer. There are many synthetic insulators which are high tech and are specifically woven tighter to make snowboarding gloves and mittens thinner, but they are still warmer and enable a full range of movement. Another option you can consider is down insulation, however, gloves made with it should be mainly used in drier climates. That’s due to the fact that when down gets wet, it loses its insulating features and won’t keep you warm.


The fit is the most important factor to consider when buying snowboarding gloves and mittens because if the fit isn’t right, the gloves won’t offer you the proper warmth and will not be as comfortable. If they are too big, your body will need to create more heat to fill up the extra air space in the glove, thus it will use more energy. If your snowboarding gloves are too small, on the other hand, they will limit your movement and comfort and will also leave more of your wrist exposed to the elements. The right fit will provide a bit of room at the end of your outstretched fingers – just enough so that you can pinch roughly a quarter of an inch of fabric. This will provide you with the right range of movement and the ideal amount of air space to keep your hands and fingers warm.