Due to long distances between markets, the reliance on road freight has increased accordingly over the years. Australian trucking industry has a huge significance for the prosperity of the overall Australian economy. The trucking industry makes for ¾ of Australia’s domestic freight. Statistics show that the industry stands firmly on the ground despite the turbulence with the fuel price; profits reached $38.6 billion in march 2011. It is expected for the annual growth rate to be 3.8% in the period from 2011 to 2016, with revenue reaching $42.8 billion by 2016.

Australian Trucking industry is of great significance as a source of employment too. There are 523 727 registered trucks in Australia and about 46 636 truck businesses. As labour – intensive industry, Australian Trucking Industry employs about 246 100 people according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics .

Latest news on the Australian Trucking Industry suggest that the demand for trucks increased largely as the demand for logistics and warehousing facilities for the new retail businesses that enter the economy also increased. New occupiers from the retailing industry demand for quality infrastructure, large open spaces and 24 hours trucks access, which will allow them to ease the shipping process to shopfronts and customer homes.

holden commodore mirrors

A Simple Guide to Replacing Your Commodore’s Side Mirrors

If your Holden Commodore’s side mirrors have suffered significant damage, you should consider replacing them as soon as humanly possible, not just because driving with damaged mirrors is against the law, but also because you’re compromising your safety and the safety of everyone around you. And while you can get brand new Holden Commodore mirrors at a dealership service center or an independent repair shop, you’re probably going to be paying a lot of money in getting them installed.
toyota tail lights

How to Pick the Right Tail Lights for Your Car

In every vehicle, tail lights are one of the most important features. They allow other traffic participants to correctly gauge the size and shape of your car and increase your visibility in bad weather such as rain or snow. But not only are tail lights crucial to your safety on the road, they’re also a defining feature to your car’s rear. So, if your tail light has gone out, it’s important to replace it straight away. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you can also get pulled over and fined if a tail light doesn’t work.…
holden commodore radiators

Holden Commodore Radiators – Preventative Maintenance Tips

Much like a PC or a motorcycle, your Commodore has a cooling system that keeps everything running at the optimal temperature. Components oftentimes get hot and since combustion is at the core of an engine the need for a radiator is inevitable. Of course, your vehicle comes with it but it is always a great measure to keep it in shape even if you happen to get an aftermarket one. To prolong its life span and make it run at its best consider the following tips.
12 volt batteries

12 Volt RV Batteries: Things to Know Before You Go!

Camping is a lot of fun but it can easily go from fun into the worst experience of your life unless you prepare beforehand. For the adventure-seekers who don’t mind going all natural, away from civilisation and technology, kudos to you for appreciating camping the way our forefathers did. The rest of us who seek that bit of comfort in the RV same as we have at home, we can’t leave without the 12 volt batteries. Since we depend on them throughout the whole camping trip, it’s advisable not to take to the road before you actually learn some more…
emergency vehicle lighting

Emergency Vehicle Lighting Explained

Emergency vehicle lighting is a visual warning light that is installed on a vehicle that has a need to convey other road participants and take priority on their journey. Also, the offer extra warning when there is a hazard when they stationary or even if there is law enforcement (police) as signaling other users to stop and interact with the policeman. These lights are not only simple emergency vehicle lighting but they are dedicated lights that can be modified to offer stock lighting such as hide-away light or can be added to any standard lighting on the car. Usually,…

A Simple Guide On Finding 4WD Gear in Australia

Every 4×4 owner should take every possibility, especially when it comes to 4WD gear. Crossing tough terrains such as mountains, rivers or sand terrains with a four wheel vehicle is easy. However, sometimes even this powerful machine needs a little help. For that reason having the right 4WD gear by your side is imperative to reach your destination. However, when shopping on the market you can find different brands and do not know if they are durable and functional enough for the task at hand. But, do not worry, you have arrived at the right place because here we will…

Essential Gear for Overland Adventures

An off-road adventure is one of the most exciting things one can do. The adrenaline of driving on rocky and gravel roads, muddy and sandy areas, makes this experience one-of-a-kind. Another factor that contributes to the popularity of off-road adventures is the increased number of 4X4 vehicles available on the market today, which are designed to reach places and go to destinations that regular vehicles are not suitable for. A 4WD vehicle is ideal for going into the wild – this powerful vehicle can take you to some epic places in nature you never imagine you could reach with…
Audi logo

Behind the Audi Logo: What Do The Popular Four Rings…

Are you one of the many car enthusiasts who wonder what do Audi’s four rings symbolize? It is commonly believed to be intriguing, but disappointingly, the Audi car logo meaning is utterly simple. Founded in 1909 as an independent German car maker, Audi has built reputation on durable, reliable and quality cars, but on its iconic Audi logo as well. During that time, the company used an upside-down triangle with the number 1 on top as their symbol, but it didn’t last long. August Horch, who previously established another company named A. Horch & Cie, is the founder of…

The Most Important Commercial Truck Parts

Buying a commercial truck requires several important considerations. If you’ve already bought one for the transportation needs of your business, you are probably familiarized with the whole procedure and the main considerations about the commercial truck parts. What you need to know is that getting equipped with the right knowledge about the truck parts doesn’t end up there. In fact, you will need it for the proper maintenance of your truck. Here’s a List of The Most Important Commercial Truck Parts: Engine The engine of the commercial truck is the part that enables the main operation of the vehicle.…

New VS Used Camping Trailers – Which Do You Need?

New or used camping trailers, what to choose? This is common doubt among the campers. Truth be told, unless you are spending most of your weekends and free time on camping, buying a new camping trailer can be an expensive investment. In fact, why splash out thousands of dollars on camping trailer if you will be using it only two or maximum three weeks out of the year? Check the used camping trailers offer instead. There are many factors that you need to consider before you buy a used camping trailer. Here are the things to which you should…